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Organic Monthly Subscription Services

Weekly Service
Organic lawn feeding & weed program
Aerating, seeding and fertilizing
Shrub and hedge trimming

Weekly or biweekly service

will include mowing, trimming, edging and clean up. Leaf removal service will be performed as needed. We close during the last week of December. No service will be provided for that week.

Shrub and hedge trimming

Shrubbery shall be kept neatly trimmed, balance and not to exceed six inches in new growth.

The Organic program

The goal of our program is to move away from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Studies have shown that they have adverse health effects on both people and pets as well as building up in the soil and water supply. Our program is based around using organic fertilizers and micro-organisms to create a healthy environment that will produce a better quality lawn and not be detrimental to your family, pets or the environment.

Traditional lawn care focuses on feeding one plant independent of the environment in which it lives.

In nature, soil is alive with micro-organisms that are critical for plants to break down food for energy; much like our own bodies have micro-organisms that help breakdown food into a form our bodies can use.

Traditional synthetic chemicals try and replicate this by using harsh chemicals that end up destroying the natural micro-organisms in the soil and can burn plant roots. This creates a constant need to apply harsher chemicals. This process can also cause lawn diseases such as dollar spot, which is due to an excess level of nitrogen in the soil from over fertilizing.